"We, all staff in E-Global, are fully satisfied with the best service Dialoc has provided us for long years.

Their prompt follow ups to all our mails enable us not to worry of being out-of-reach, and the sincere punctuality for projects they have shown —especially even in the middle of the night at their local time, staffs in Dialoc made desperate effort to keep the deadline getting through mountains of workloads— is needless to explain why we cannot help giving the highest score on credit for Dialoc. In addition, even when we did not notice any errors, they report them to us with detailed comments, which leads to reduce additional cost and time for our client, and in the long term, put us in the high rank of company lists for our client to work together with.

We strongly would like to recommend Dialoc when you are looking forward to the best quality for localization."

V. Seo, March 2012