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Software Localization. UA, Documentation, and Web Localization. Glossary & Terminology Management. Translation Memory Handling. Quality Control. Desktop Publishing.
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diaLOC is a group of localization professionals specialized in providing linguistic services for the English into Spanish market (both European and International Spanish).

During the past twenty years, diaLOC members have accrued a solid experience in vertical industries such as IT, telecommunications, ERP/CRM, electronics, marketing, medicine, automotive or legal, from localization and translation services to desktop publishing or project management.

We have a crystal-clear goal: to provide everything you need to get your project properly localized into Spanish. In other words, the comprehensive language solutions, the best quality, and the premium customer service you need.

What gives diaLOC the ability to make such an offering? Language focus. Professional experience. Self- motivation. Flexibility. It’s that simple.


diaLOC can take care of every aspect involved in the localization stage for English<>Spanish (European, LATAM or International). Our complete range of integrated services, cost-efficient processes, and competitive rates enables us to do so.

Translation and Localization


User Interface

You point out the tool, we cope with it, quickly and efficiently: Alchemy Catalyst, Microsoft Visual Studio, RC-WinTrans… Our record includes an extensive list of proprietary and non-proprietary tools that we master.


We know, localization of software products is very much engineering-dependent. That is why we possess the expertise needed to perform both translation and engineering tasks on your files, saving you time and cost. Search no more, the right professionals are with us.

Translation and Localization

UA, Documentation and Web

Help and Documentation Translation

CAT tools? Trados, SDLX, Transit? Text processors? Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite? They are no secret to us. Neither is taking care of the graphic material usually attached to documentation and help systems—the seamless use of applications such as PhotoShop or FreeHand is our key.

WinHelp & HTML Help Compilation

We can deliver your help system completed, ready to be inserted in your build tree. We are absolutely familiar with compilation and debugging applications. We know how to use the appropriate QA tools to guarantee the best results.

Web Site Localization

We have precise knowledge of HTML, JHTML, XML, and Java languages. You only need to provide your original web pages, and we shall deliver back to you a finished set of files, thoroughly translated, thoroughly respecting your unique design.

Translation and Localization

Sworn and Commercial

Sworn Translation

You have suppliers or clients in Spain? Need to get your agreements or contracts properly understood and signed? We can produce official translations, certified by translators appointed by Spanish authorities.

Commercial Translation

Need to communicate with your clients, suppliers or staff? We offer translation for any kind of marketing, commercial or internal texts: from e-mails, memos or letters, to newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, advertisements, presentations, etc.

Quality Control

Linguistic Review & Consultancy

Translation Review

Proper review is a crucial step to meet the highest quality standards. We have put in place our own quality control, which guarantees all translations are proofread by a second linguist before delivery. However, for a premium service we can go into different review levels as deep as you require, from essential proofreading to thorough checking of every single sentence against its original counterpart.

Independent Review

When you want to check a translation from another vendor, just let us know. We are the ideal, flexible and competent contractor for your independent review needs.

Linguistic Consultancy

If you regularly produce literature about your field or market your own software products in Spanish, we can review their orthotypography and style for you, to make sure the right image of your company is conveyed upon publication, or we may build a style guide that your writers or hired freelance translators may use as the best tool to achieve consistency.

Quality Control

Translation Memory Handling

Translation Memory Handling

We are experts in all the processes involved when working with TMs, from aligning or analyzing to pre-translating, cleaning, converting material, and maintaining TM files. And we are experienced in most of the TM systems used in the market, especially Trados.

Review of text coming from Translation Memories

Pre-translated text does not always come from a trusted source. Be sure your leveraged text is free of technical problems, obsolete terminology, wrong wording, etc. We can take care of it.

Naturalization of Machine Translation text

You may invest a low amount of your budget to guarantee a basic understandability of texts quickly produced by those free, popular "translators" available on the Web, or refine the results presented by larger automatic translation systems you might already own.

Additional Services

Project Management

Preparing, planning, setting up, allocating resources... Bringing a project to a successful conclusion is not exactly the easiest task. You need to be sure everything is going on smoothly, it is not a game.

At diaLOC there is no room left to improvisation. We know how important backup strategies and contingency planning are. We are aware that close tracking, project status reporting and proactive communication are crucial—and comforting. We have been managing projects for a long time now, experience and savoir-faire are our plus. And it can be yours too, easily.

Additional Services

Desktop Publishing

Save a step when managing your manual, advertisement or collateral materials. We translate them, our DTP colleagues adjust the layout to accommodate the translated material, and you get the files (e.g. PostScript or PDF) ready to be printed.

Not enough yet? Picture this: you can now forget about splitting your project, we deal internally with any necessary linguistic update at DTP time. Your level of attention to us is zero. We have the experience to do the technical work for you using PageMaker, FrameMaker, and Adobe Acrobat.

Additional Services

Glossary & Terminology Management

Glossaries and Terminology lists

A product needs to be terminologically consistent across its versions. This is key to satisfy and attract users with an easier and logical product, and in turn benefits your brand's prestige. To achieve this goal, you'll find no better tools than the monolingual or bilingual lists that we can produce for you.


Not only have we been actors playing the translation, editing, and proofreading roles on the localization process stage, but we also have been "on the other side", as Project, Account or Technical Managers in charge of countless projects. This obviously gives diaLOC a panoramic and unique view of the play.

Accounting, Finance & Tax
Antiviral & Security
CAD & Graphics
CBT & E-Learning
Games & Multimedia
Legal Translations
Linguistic & Style Consultancy
Printing & Fax Devices
Web Sites

We have dealt with products from top companies such as Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, Autodesk, Symantec, Novell, Kodak or Canon, just to name a few. Francisco, Fernando and Domingo have translated circa 8.5 million words, and project managed approximately 38 million in about 4,200 projects for satisfied customers.


After many years working as Freelance Translators and/or Project Managers for different agencies and clients, diaLOC's members had accrued a sound individual experience in fields such as IT, telecommunications, ERP/CRM, electronics, marketing, medicine, automotive, legal translation...

We were eager to put our background, experience, and expertise together so that we could offer a solid approach to the demanding localization business market.

One fine day back in 2003, we decided to create diaLOC. Everything a client would need to get their project properly localized into Spanish.

A tight team of professionals, small enough to be quality-focused, highly motivated, close enough to add a human touch to usual commercial relationships. But still big enough to offer the fluent communication, quick response, and attentive follow-up our clients need and their projects demand. That is our idea of diaLOC.

diaLOC's managers are:

Domingo Manchado

Domingo graduated in Translation and Interpreting in 1995. That year he began his 21-year career in the localization business. He has:

  • Specialized in the computer, IT, and marketing fields, with circa 2.5 million words translated.
  • Co-founded SLV TransMission Translations (1998), where he worked as Project Manager, handling teams of up to 12 specialists in projects more than a year long.
  • Been at the head of the Technical Department at TransMission, taking care of every technical aspect of localization:
  •          Source files preparation, compilation and debugging
  •          Translation memories management
  •          IT infrastructure, tools, Lotus Domino Server administration
  • Some of his milestones up to date are:
  •          CBT courses for an important e-learning company
  •          Microsoft Visio (2003)
  •          Circa 11 million words (over 1,000 projects) managed

Fernando González

Fernando started his career in Localization back in 1994, just after graduating in Translation and Interpreting. During these 22 years, he has played roles in most domains of the industry:

  • Worked as translator for ITP Ireland (1994).
  • Started up as freelance translator/editor (1995-1998).
  • Co-founded TransMission Translations in 1998 (editor and PM).
  • Member of COMCyT, a research group aimed at studying the linguistic implications of the new technologies.
  • Assistant to Lotus Development Linguistic Consultant (1999-2001).
  • Outstanding projects in his role of Project Manager include:
  •          MS Project: 600,000 words
  •          Lotus Notes 5: 200,000 words
  •          Network Associates: 400,000 words
  • Figures speak for themselves (1994-to date):
  •          over 3.5 million translated words
  •          14 million managed words (circa 2,400 projects)

Francisco Poyatos

Francisco graduated in Translation and Interpreting in 1998. Over the last 18 years, he has built a strong career in the localization business:

  • Freelance translator & editor.
  • Sworn Translator for English<>Spanish since 2000.
  • Co-founder of COMCyT, a research group aimed at studying the linguistic implications of the new technologies. This group organized the Primer Foro Hispánico de Ortotipografía y Entorno de la Escritura, a series of conferences by prominent specialists on Spanish orthotypography.
  • Project Manager for TransMission Translations (2000-2003).
  • Projects managed include:
  •          AutoCAD 2002 & 2002 LT: 900,000 words
  •          eBay's web site for Spain: 600,000 words
  • His figures add up to:
  •          Circa 2.5 million words translated
  •          Over 13 million words managed in approx. 850 projects


Please find below some recent testimonials about our work. They all come from Vendor Managers and Project Managers of large USA, EU and other international localization firms, who have worked with us on an ongoing basis over the last few years. Please note further details are available on request.

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